Open Mics


DescriptionTeenage songwriters, poets, artists, and storytellers will gather at the beautiful Rocky River Nature Center Auditorium to perform/display original creative works for their friends and family of all ages. Performers will register in advance for a 5-12 minute performance slot and be placed on the performance schedule for the evening. Visual artists will display their work on tables or bring their own easels for displaying their works and receive a 1-3 minute slot to explain their creative process during the event. To get our creative juices flowing, the Rocky River Nature Center will provide a presentation on art in nature! 

Artist Logistics

  • Performances will be solo or duet only 
  • Performance pieces containing words/lyrics are preferred. 
  • All music, poems, and stories will be performed live and pre-recorded tracks will not be played except to accompany a live performance. 
  • Two microphones, a keyboard, acoustic guitar amplification, and a headphone jack input will be provided.
  • Walk-in performances will be welcome if the schedule for the evening is not filled from pre-registrations.
  • All Performers and Visual artists will agree to adhere to the following guidelines in order to participate:

Because this is an all-ages event open to the public, all visual and performance art presented at the Storyboard Open Mic will be careful to avoid: 

  • Profanity
  • Overtly sexual themes or nudity
  • Endorsement of violence (including self-harm)
  • Endorsement of the use of drugs or alcohol
  • Hateful and/or discriminatory language or messages

Purpose – 

    • To Explore the Connections Between Creativity and the Natural World – a host from the Rocky River Nature Center will present on topics relating to art and nature. 
    • To Practice Generous Listening – Provide a space for young artists to be heard. Their works will not be “background noise” but the main event. M.C. will set the tone for this by briefly discussing the value of actively listening to an artist–both for the artist and the audience. 
    • To Celebrate the Creative Process – All performances will be original material. No cover songs, re-mixes, or recitation of another artist’s poem or story will be allowed for the purpose of encouraging and celebrating the creative process, and to avoid licensing fees/paperwork.
    • To Empower Confident Public Expression – The atmosphere of these events will intentionally set an encouraging tone for performers, practicing generous listening and celebration in order to instill confidence in young performers. 

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