Feedback Loops

Share your creative process, be inspired, grow in your craft

Feedback Loops is a monthly gathering of teenage artists and adult leaders that share their creative works (truly of any kind, we’ve had sculpture, painting, drawing, songwriting, poetry, film, choreography, and more!) in an environment of Generous Listening and receive positive feedback from peers. Constructive feedback is optional based on an artist’s desires for that particular work.

Join us on the last Saturday of every month for Feedback Loops! (Schedule changes will be announced via the mailing list). 

Feedback Loops meets at Grace Church, Olmsted Falls Campus (6941 Columbia Road, Olmsted Falls OH 44138).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I don’t really get what it is.
A: Just an inspiring place to share art with other teenagers.
Q: What if I don’t really have anything creative to share?
A: That’s ok! You will have fun hearing from others, practicing some creative exercises, meeting new friends, and being inspired by the creative energy in the room.
Q: What’s it going to be like?
A. When you come to the church building you’ll drive down a long driveway and park in the parking lot to the left. You’ll enter the building through the entrance marked “Church Offices.” There will be a sign pointing your way to Feedback Loops from there. You’ll be warmly welcomed and you’ll find a seat. One of the adult leaders will welcome everyone, share some thoughts about creativity, and maybe something creative we’ve working on. Then we’ll warm up our creative juices with a few very easy creative exercises. Students will have the option (but not be required) to share the result of their exercises. Then students who have prepared a work of art will share from the microphone one at a time. As an artist shares, students will listen with their full attention. If the artist is willing to receive positive feedback, students and leaders in the room will express the reasons why they appreciate the piece. We will be done by 9:00pm.
Q: Is art screened in advance?

A: Yes. Art presented at all Storyboard events must follow the following guidelines:

  • No overtly sexual themes or nudity
  • No profanity or overly disturbing content
  • No endorsement of the use of drugs or alcohol
  • No hateful or discriminatory language or messages
Q: I’m nervous that I’m going to feel out of place because I haven’t really been to something like this before.
A: We’re all in the same boat! There’s nothing else really like this in our community, so it’s new to everyone. I promise you that every teenager will be welcomed and no one will be put on the spot, pressured to share, or embarrassed.
If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to send an email to!

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